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Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design Excellence at Lemon Flip Solutions

Welcome to the forefront of Analog Circuit Design at Lemon Flip Solutions, where innovation and precision converge. Our team, comprising 50 dedicated professionals, is at the heart of our analog circuit design prowess, ensuring cutting-edge solutions that redefine the boundaries of what’s achievable.


Analog Circuit Design Team

Our team is a powerhouse of talent, bringing together diverse skills and experiences to create a collaborative environment. With 50 experts in Analog Circuit Design, we foster a culture of continuous learning and exploration, ensuring that our designs are not just functional but excel in efficiency and performance.


Access to top-foundry PDKs

To further enhance our capabilities, Lemon Flip Solutions has access to cutting-edge Process Design Kits (PDKs) from leading foundries. Currently, our PDK access includes:

  • 28nm CMOS from TSMC
  • 40nm CMOS from GF
  • 65nm CMOS from UMC
  • 130nm BiCMOS from GF
  • 180nm CMOS from TSMC

This diverse PDK access allows us to stay at the forefront of technology, ensuring that our designs are optimized for the latest advancements in the semiconductor industry.



At Lemon Flip Solutions, our Analog Circuit Design capabilities extend across a wide spectrum, showcasing our expertise in creating robust and efficient solutions. Here are some of our key strengths:

    • Power Management Systems (PMS):
      • In-depth capability in power management systems, encompassing the design of power management (PM) blocks and architecting the power management of System-on-Chip (SOC).

    • Amplifiers and Voltage References:
      • Extensive experience in designing Amplifiers, Bandgap references, and both crude and accurate Power-On-Reset (POR) circuits.
      • Expertise in creating supply health monitors for robust and reliable performance.

    • Low-Dropout Regulators (LDOs) and Switching Converters:
      • Proficiency in designing various on-chip and off-chip capacitor LDOs.
      • Expertise in developing efficient and high-performance switching converters.

    • Data Converters:
      • Specialized knowledge in the design of data converter pipelines and sigma-delta converters, ensuring accurate and high-speed data processing.

    • Oscillators and PLLs:
      • Versatility in creating different types of oscillators and Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs), critical for precise timing and frequency control.

Prior Experience

Our journey in Analog Circuit Design has taken us through various technology nodes, showcasing our adaptability and success across different FAB processes. We have proven expertise in delivering exceptional designs in:

  • 16nm
  • 22nm
  • 28nm
  • 40nm
  • 65nm
  • 90nm
  • 180nm