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RF Circuit Design

Redefining Connectivity Through State-of-the-Art RF Circuit Design Services.

Welcome to Lemon Flip Solutions, where innovation meets excellence in semiconductor chip design. Our RF Circuit Design team is driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology. Backed by top-notch technical institutes (IITs and other premier institutions) and high-end lab and research infra, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of latest RF implementations.


Top-end RF Circuit Design Team

Comprising 27 seasoned professionals and fresh minds, we foster an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning. Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences, collectively contributing to the dynamic and innovative culture at Lemon Flip Solutions.


Access to top-foundry PDKs

To further enhance our capabilities, Lemon Flip Solutions has access to cutting-edge Process Design Kits (PDKs) from leading foundries. Currently, our PDK access includes:

  • 28nm CMOS from TSMC
  • 40nm CMOS from GF
  • 65nm CMOS from UMC
  • 130nm BiCMOS from GF
  • 180nm CMOS from TSMC

This diverse PDK access allows us to stay at the forefront of technology, ensuring that our designs are optimized for the latest advancements in the semiconductor industry.



At Lemon Flip Solutions, we take pride in our diverse and extensive capabilities in semiconductor chip design, particularly in the realm of RF/Analog Circuits as Integrated Systems. Here’s a glimpse of our key strengths:

    • Integrated Systems Expertise:
      • Profound capability in RF/Analog Circuits.
      • Extensive experience in RX, TX chains, High-performance PLL, Low Power ADPLL, VCOs/DCOs, Pre-Scalers, Clocks, Standalone LNA, Mixer, and more.
    • SoC Integration:
      • Proven track record in integrating RF and Analog blocks into System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures.
      • Expertise in modeling RF blocks with impairments for comprehensive system design.
    • Post Silicon Debug:
      • Strong experience in post-silicon debug, addressing issues such as Spur mitigation, LO pulling issues, Phase noise impact on performance, and more.
    • Technology Expertise:
      • Proficiency in HF CMOS and BiCMOS Design, covering Standalone LNA, Mixer, VCO, PLL, Quantizer, and more.

Prior Experience

Our journey has taken us through various technology nodes, showcasing our adaptability and proficiency across different FAB processes. We have successfully executed projects in:

  • 16nm
  • 22nm
  • 28nm
  • 40nm
  • 65nm
  • 90nm
  • 180nm